Detroit, by birth, where I found my soul. Nashville, by fate, where I learned to Rock-n-Roll

It all started when...

 -BRANCH MGR was a little boy growing up in Motown, singing on his walks to school. He was raised in a family of singers, but, according to his father, a music career was not practical. Consequently, after moving and completing high school in Booneville, Mississippi, he pursued another path and became a cadet at the United States Military Academy.

He cites his choral director there, Mrs. Constance Chase, as being the first to believe in his talent and “good ear” as she allowed him to join the Glee Club although he was not as skilled in reading music as his fellow cadets in the club.

His plight into songwriting, however, did not begin until he was on deployment to Afghanistan, following an event where one of his Soldiers was injured. He recalls not being able to journal about his experience, so he wrote a song. He continued to write during his deployment free time and vowed to himself that if he could only get to Nashville, he’d discover if music was simply a pastime or his passion.


After a few years passed, in an interesting sequence of events, he found himself --a Captain in the Army-- working in Nashville. After attending several friends’ EP releases, countless live shows, and being enchanted by what the city offered, he knew that he belonged in Music City. Nearing the end of his military service commitment, with a message to tell and a small chip on his shoulder, he has finally set out to pursue his passion.

His influences range from Muse, Joan Jett, and the Killers, to Prince,  Stromae, Otis Redding and Hank Williams Sr. A conglomeration of his “homes” (Detroit, Booneville, and Nashville), he describes his genre as Alt-Rock Chic.

When he's not focused on his music, he enjoys traveling, taking acting lessons, boxing class,  trying new bourbons, and learning about men's fashion.

"Sonically, visually, lyrically...I'm a church boy that views life through a Rock & Roll filter. I wrote mostly love songs, yet some are as truthful as your closest friends, so watch out!"